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Hoping, dreaming, wishing, and praying is not a long term strategy for your business (neither is it a short term strategy).

Now don't get me wrong, I am a good Christian woman so I believe in praying and I believe that prayer changes things, but praying alone is not enough.

What do people say? They say you pray, and then you get up as if you have received your answer, your blessing, and you walk in that. You give God something to bless, you get into action. What does that mean? Well one of the way...

If you are trying to establish your business to grow and show that you're serious and you're making an impact in the world, off the books is not for you.

August 31, 2018

The C Suite needs to understand that although unemployment has risen, the awareness of options for prospective and current employees has skyrocketed.

Tip: To stay motivated when you are tired at the end of the day and still have work to do in your business: YOU NEED A THEME SONG. (every hero has a theme song! And we really are heroes to our customers) I use music as my great motivator. When I'm tired and know I need to press on to get some things done in my business, I turn on my theme song, and other motivational music.

Find that one main song that lifts your spirits, gets you revved up and play it. Play it loud, and sing along! Play it multi...

November 18, 2016

Gear up! Then, get out there and do it. You can’t just jump your fabulous self out there, singing “helloooooo, world, it’s me you’re looking for, all the while you are unprepared. You have to get your gear on…then you can jump into business! One of the things my time and experience as an entrepreneur has taught me is that you must research, investigate, and study. More entrepreneurs fail in businesses ultimately because they weren’t prepared to launch their business.

A brief initial commentary on the upcoming possible effects of Brexit on U.S. Entrepreneurs.




Have you ever been lost in while driving in a car and turned down the radio?  Many of us either have done this or been with someone who has.  It's just something about eliminating extraneous noise that allows you to truly focus towards and intended outcome.  When in the car, you turn down the radio,  or ask everyone to "shhh" so you can think and figure out how to get back on track.   


If the GPS is built into the car - it will not allow you to do too much reprogrammi...


There's a lot of noise out there! Nevermind all of the traffic, and trains, and buses, and people, and machines, and television, and radio, and music, and video, our phones, and tablets, and computers, and, and , and...  


Somehow we've adapted and learned to tune it all out! or at least, drown one or more noises out with a different one we happen to be focused on at the moment.  


But what about the noise that we don't pay attention to?  The noise of everyone trying to be - as the...

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January 10, 2019

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